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offpon privacy and policy

In Offpon, like many sites that provide discount codes, in order to improve quality, provide suggestions according to users’ tastes, and also prevent possible abuses, data from application and website users are stored with us. In the following, we will describe these cases and what information we collect for what reason.

What information do we collect? and why?

  1. When you register on offpon, you provide us with your input information, namely your name, email address, and contact number, and if you request to register your business and authenticate and confirm its ownership, you will also send additional information. After registering in offpon, you will be recognized as an offpon user and all the information you entered during registration will remain with us.
  2. In offpon, we store information such as your IP, cookie information, browser information, device type, and in the mobile application, your device ID, discount codes, and pages viewed by you in offpon. Part of this information will be used to show you advertisements and personalize the display of offers and discounts. It should be noted that this information will not be provided to organizations and individuals other than offpon.
  3. As it was said, offpon does not share the information of its users with others and will do its best to protect them.

Editing and changing personal information

  1. It is possible to edit and change your personal information in offpon, before authentication, and you can change them whenever you want.
  2. It is not possible to delete a user account in offpon, and you can only send a request to deactivate your account in the form of a ticket from the request form on the contact page of offpon to the system administrator.
  3. Account and business information whose identity and ownership have been confirmed cannot be deleted in any way.

Limiting the level of access to information

  1. Access to information in offpon is not possible for all employees, and only system administrators and your account supporters will have access to all information.
  2. All the passwords defined by you are stored and kept encrypted in our database, and if you use OTP to log in, the security level of your account will be at the highest level.
  3. All account information of offpon users is stored and monitored securely.

Offpon newsletter

  1. By subscribing to offpon , you will be automatically added to our newsletter list to receive the latest discounts and news of offpon.
  2. If you do not want to receive these items, you can use the unsubscribe option in emails or SMS.

Our contact information

To contact the offer, contact the following ways

User support email: [email protected]