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Terms & Conditions

In order to provide better services to its users and to prevent potential violations and abuses, offpon has prepared its own rules and conditions, which we will explain below.

General rules

  • Registration and login of users to offpon means acceptance of all rules, terms of use of the system and its privacy policy.
  • offpon is a discount code offering platform and is not responsible for the content of stores, their intentions and activities. But in this regard, they are responsible for monitoring and removing suspicious and illegal content.
  • All contact numbers, email addresses, locations, social media addresses, sites, stores, information and descriptions of stores and links on their pages belong to the business owners.
  • Each person can only have one user account, and if multiple accounts are created, they will all be merged into one account.
  • Creating a user account by impersonating a person/organization/company etc. is a violation and leads to the suspension of the user account.
  • Any attempt to cause damage to the infrastructure of the site, the application and create illegal access (hacking) to the account of offpon users is a violation and offpon will file a complaint, pursue legal action and collect damages.
  • Any attempt to extort by misusing offpon’s name and logo is a violation.
  • Any attempt to copy and forge the offpon logo for any purpose is considered a violation.
  • Any action to disturb the public mind that destroys Offpon’s name and brand will result in legal action.
  • Any attempt to insult individuals, organizations, institutions, groups, ethnicities, holy things, religions and governments in offpon is an example of violation and will lead to the permanent blocking of your account.
  • Before using and cooperating with offpon, it is necessary to get familiar with the services of this brand by referring to the page about offpon.

Contact us

  • All text messages sent to users by offpon are sent only from specific SMS lines, and any text messages with the name of offpon that are sent to you from normal numbers are not related to offpon and are definitely intended for fraud.
  • All emails that are sent with users are sent by offpon only with the corporate email and with the domain. For example, info{at}


  • Receiving the discount code by users was completely free and no fee will be charged to the user.
  • Membership of stores and cooperation with offpon to provide discount codes to users is subject to annual membership and subscription fees.

Terms of cooperation

It should be noted that in order to improve the quality of the content, offpon may partially edit parts of the text, title, and images of your business based on its rules. Also, offpon has the right to suspend or delete any content you send to this site or any user account and other information related to you or created by you at any time and in any way it deems necessary.

If an order is issued by the legal authorities to remove the content, the offpon team will immediately remove that content. Also, if a violation report is received, your account and content will be suspended and they will be investigated. If your account’s violation load is heavy and has more than 5 violations, your account will be blocked forever and cannot be returned.

All users who complete and submit the application form for registering their business and services have accepted all the following rules:

  • If you have applied to register your business, you confirm that you are 18 years old and that you have applied for business registration as a representative or owner.
  • If necessary, we may ask you for documents to confirm the identity and ownership of the business, in which case we will inform you via email and SMS.
  • If you are the owner of a business and you have seen its discount coupon on offpon, while you are not aware of its registration, you can register the ownership claim form from the contact us page so that its management will be transferred to you.
  • It is not possible to cooperate with businesses related to Ponzi, gambling networks, pyramid schemes, illegal network marketing companies, illegal trade, etc.
  • The right to change the terms and conditions of use
    offpon has the right to change the terms and conditions of use of its services at any time and for any reason. Also, if an order is issued by the legal authorities to stop the activity of some services or completely remove the business profile, discount codes, etc., offpon can stop all services without delay and prior warning to the users.

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